ECOC in Torino

This year’s ECOC con­fer­ence took place in Tori­no, Italy. Time to see a cou­ple folks that I hadn’t seen in a while, as well as a great city. Here are some images from var­i­ous explo­ration tours through Tori­no…

Lin­got­to Cen­ter roof access

This is the access ramp by which one can reach the roof of the Lin­got­to Cen­ter. Back when this was a car fac­to­ry, the fin­ished cars came down here after tak­ing a test dri­ve on the roof track.

ECOC 2010 con­fer­ence rooms

The main con­fer­ence “rooms.” Basi­cal­ly, they built four huge cubi­cles inside an even huger hall, put some chairs and a beam­er in each cubi­cle and called it the con­fer­ence venue. Very rem­i­nis­cent of ECOC 2008 in Brus­sels, which sucked about as much. Since the cubi­cle walls didn’t go all the way up to the ceil­ing, sound trav­eled mar­velous­ly between the rooms, inspir­ing many a nerdy joke about sig­nal-to-noise ratios, crosstalk lev­els, and the like. They tried to improve things by installing some sort of fab­ric to close the gaps (just right of the cen­ter info wall), but failed mis­er­ably.

statue on Piazza Castello

stat­ue on Piaz­za Castel­lo

Since the Palaz­zo Madama was being giv­en a makeover, they put this ghast­ly IKEA ad on the out­side of the scaf­fold­ing. It slight­ly impaired the his­toric feel­ing one might have oth­er­wise had stand­ing at this very loca­tion (even more impair­ing was the apart­ment high-rise right across the street).

Mole Antonelliana across the Giardino Reale

Mole Antonel­liana across the Gia­rdi­no Reale

One of the city’s land­marks, the Mole hous­es a muse­um (not very inter­est­ing) and a glass-wall ele­va­tor going up to a plat­form with a panoram­ic view of the city (very inter­est­ing). Unfor­tu­nate­ly, both require an entrance fee.

YOTOT(MC): Mole Antonelliana western view (panorama)

YOTOT(MC): Mole Antonel­liana west­ern view (panora­ma)

Of course I went up on the Mole, mak­ing some use of the great pre-sun­set light and shoot­ing panora­mas.
This is the view into the direc­tion of the Palaz­zo Reale, which can be seen to the left of the Gia­rdi­no Reale, the Roy­al Gar­den. In the back­ground one can even see the Alps (doesn’t hap­pen too often, I was told).

YOTOT(MC): Mole Antonelliana shadow

YOTOT(MC): Mole Antonel­liana shad­ow

My con­tri­bu­tion to the “Your own shad­ow on the flickr ground” group.

YOTOT(MC): Mole Antonelliana northern-ish view (panorama)

YOTOT(MC): Mole Antonel­liana north­ern-ish view (panora­ma)

Anoth­er panora­ma from the top of Mole Antonel­liana in sun­set light. The moun­tains in the back­ground are still the Alps.

balustrade at Reggia di Venaria Reale

balustrade at Reg­gia di Venar­ia Reale

The ECOC con­fer­ence gala din­ner took place at Reg­gia di Venar­ia Reale. This is a balustrade along its main court.
Per­son­al­ly, I didn’t enjoy the din­ner so much. Food was good, but it start­ed late due to some orga­ni­za­tion­al mishap, went on for way too long (next day was a con­fer­ence day), and it was way, way to loud inside the hall to have a con­ver­sa­tion with­out yelling.

fountains at Reggia di Venaria Reale

foun­tains at Reg­gia di Venar­ia Reale

Just before we went inside to have din­ner, they turned on the foun­tains which “danced” to some music. Not the Bel­la­gio, but pret­ty cool.
The fun­ni­est thing, though, was all these sup­pos­ed­ly smart peo­ple try­ing to take pic­tures of it with their hand­held mobile phone cam­eras. I mean I had trou­ble get­ting a shake-free pic­ture at ISO800 with a near­ly APS-C-sized sen­sor. For­tu­nate­ly, one Japan­ese woman was kind enough to make this shot a bit more inter­est­ing…

Ponte Umberto I (panorama)

Ponte Umber­to I (panora­ma)

Ponte Umber­to I across the riv­er Po in Tori­no. We were on our way to Monte dei Cap­puc­ci­ni (vis­i­ble near the left edge of the pic­ture) and had to hur­ry a bit as the sun was already set­ting…

no sense of direction

no sense of direc­tion

Two soon-to-be ex-col­leagues of mine explor­ing Tori­no dur­ing ECOC 2010. There were par­tic­u­lar­ly many sight­see­ing options at this inter­sec­tion, but we actu­al­ly knew where we were going…

bull's head drinking fountain

bull’s head drink­ing foun­tain

A drink­ing foun­tain at the top of Monte dei Cap­puc­ci­ni in Tori­no.

Gran Madre di Dio (vertorama)

Gran Madre di Dio (ver­tora­ma)

Torino’s Pan­theon look-alike, the Gran Madre di Dio church offers a nice view over the riv­er Po into the city. We had about 2 min­utes inside before they threw us out because they were clos­ing for the day…

Piazza San Carlo at night

Piaz­za San Car­lo at night

Com­ing back from a walk through Tori­no dur­ing the ECOC 2010 con­fer­ence.

Torino arcade

Tori­no arcade

This is just one of the arcades along Piaz­za San Car­lo in Tori­no. Tak­en quite short­ly after this pho­to.

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