the Epic Fail of Nyquist WDM

More or less the final act of my career as an academic researcher, I put the ideas of the post the Art of Nyquist WDM into a submission to Photonics Technology Letters – with a few extra simulations and figures that I thought showed the advantages and drawbacks of the concept quite well. Alas, I guess PTL is not the right place for conceptual papers. Unless you can diagram the influence of every parameter, present a working implementation, and make a detailed comparison to every possible competing technology – within three pages – you’re bound to have your paper rejected.

I take this lightly now because I no longer care about publishing, but it’s actually quite sad. I won’t be re-writing the paper to make the reviewers like it; instead I’ll post it here in its current form for anyone to do with it as he or she pleases.

Download the paper.
Download the MATLAB code to generate the Nyquist-modulated signals (poorly commented and uses functions from the free Optilux library and the communications toolbox).

The proper citation would be

M. Winter, “Nyquist Pulse Signalling for Spectrally Efficient Terabit/s Superchannels,” utterly rejected by Photonics Technology Letters in March 2011.

The print version would have had an addition acknowledgment section, mentioning fruitful discussions with René Schmogrow and Wolfgang Freude from KIT, which I forgot to put into the draft but which really is quite important. As far as I know, René will keep pursuing the idea. I wish him more luck with the reviewers.

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  • Marcus wrote:

    One of the reviewers actually requested a reference to a relevant paper by the Poggiolini group (there were already two references to papers by that group on that topic in the submission) – oooh, I wonder who that reviewer could have been…

  • Damn, that sucks! Die Idee hatten wir auch und wollten das demnächst mal ausprobieren ;-) Mal schauen ob das klappt.

  • Robert Emmerich wrote:

    Well that post is magnificent!

    I just downloaded the paper and like the proper citation, I’m thinking about re using it… wonder if Prof. Petermann would care?

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