Impressionen von Strasbourg

Hier ein paar Bilder von einem Wochenendausflug nach Strasbourg…

Strasbourg Cathedral ornament (by Yaisog Bonegnasher)

One of the ornaments outside the entrance to the Cathedral of Strasbourg, France. We went there for a day trip recently, and I have to admit it’s a nice place. Unfortunately, everyone there seems to speak the wrong language (unless you go into any shop where you will hear the customers talking to each other predominantly in German). Anyway, the cathedral is huge and one can climb onto a lofty platform (340 steps) with a nice view of the city.
I have no idea what this thing in the picture is supposed to be. A hawk? A gargoyle? A dinosaur? A comic figure? It looks a bit like Sam the Eagle from the Muppets

JSOVT(MB): Strasbourg Cathedral bench (by Yaisog Bonegnasher)

Even though I don’t post so many JSOVT(MB) pictures anymore, I still make Julia sit on everything that look even remotely sittable. At least when I carry my camera…

YOTOT(MC): Strasbourg (panorama) (by Yaisog Bonegnasher)

This, then, is the view from the Strasbourg Cathedral viewing platform, just below the bell tower. Too bad the weather wasn’t really nice, makes the colors look quite drab.
The panorama is stitched from 5 portrait shots through a fence, and I made the sky look a bit more dramatic in Lightroom. Otherwise the picture would be quite boring, I admit…

I decided to create a new set of shots (starting with this one and adding old ones retroactively) to reflect my climbing on all sorts of buildings mainly to shoot panoramas – something that Julia doesn’t like as much as I do – called Yaisog on Top of Things (Mostly Churches), or YOTOT(MC) for short.

What you do speaks so loud that I cannot hear what you say. (by Yaisog Bonegnasher)

No idea what this is or what it’s used for. We saw a couple of guys unloading stuff from the back of this vehicle in front of the Strasbourg Opera. Reminded me of the three-wheeled car from Mr. Bean, but in orange and with really huge loudspeakers…

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