Impressionen von Strasbourg

Hier ein paar Bilder von einem Woch­enen­daus­flug nach Stras­bourg…

Strasbourg Cathedral ornament (by Yaisog Bonegnasher)

One of the orna­ments out­side the entrance to the Cathe­dral of Stras­bourg, France. We went there for a day trip recently, and I have to admit it’s a nice place. Unfor­tu­nately, every­one there seems to speak the wrong lan­guage (unless you go into any shop where you will hear the cus­tomers talk­ing to each other pre­dom­i­nantly in Ger­man). Any­way, the cathe­dral is huge and one can climb onto a lofty plat­form (340 steps) with a nice view of the city.
I have no idea what this thing in the pic­ture is sup­posed to be. A hawk? A gar­goyle? A dinosaur? A comic fig­ure? It looks a bit like Sam the Eagle from the Mup­pets

JSOVT(MB): Strasbourg Cathedral bench (by Yaisog Bonegnasher)

Even though I don’t post so many JSOVT(MB) pic­tures any­more, I still make Julia sit on every­thing that look even remotely sit­table. At least when I carry my cam­era…

YOTOT(MC): Strasbourg (panorama) (by Yaisog Bonegnasher)

This, then, is the view from the Stras­bourg Cathe­dral view­ing plat­form, just below the bell tower. Too bad the weather wasn’t really nice, makes the col­ors look quite drab.
The panorama is stitched from 5 por­trait shots through a fence, and I made the sky look a bit more dra­matic in Light­room. Oth­er­wise the pic­ture would be quite bor­ing, I admit…

I decided to cre­ate a new set of shots (start­ing with this one and adding old ones retroac­tively) to reflect my climb­ing on all sorts of build­ings mainly to shoot panora­mas – some­thing that Julia doesn’t like as much as I do – called Yaisog on Top of Things (Mostly Churches), or YOTOT(MC) for short.

What you do speaks so loud that I cannot hear what you say. (by Yaisog Bonegnasher)

No idea what this is or what it’s used for. We saw a cou­ple of guys unload­ing stuff from the back of this vehi­cle in front of the Stras­bourg Opera. Reminded me of the three-wheeled car from Mr. Bean, but in orange and with really huge loud­speak­ers…

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