Bob Dylan zu Besuch

Hier sind ein paar Bilder vom Woch­enende, an dem uns Cici Hoden­maier, a.k.a. Bob Dylan besucht hat…

JSOVT(MB) and CSOVT(MS): statue steps (by Yaisog Bonegnasher)

Two for the price of one and a world pre­miere: JSOVT(MB) and CSOVT(MS) in a sin­gle shot. When Bob Dylan vis­it­ed us recent­ly here in Karl­sruhe, I final­ly had the chance to com­bine the two “sit­ting on” series, and took it.
Them two are sit­ting on the steps of a stat­ue in front of the Karl­sruhe cas­tle.

JSOVT(MB) and CSOVT(MS): Schloßpark Karlsruhe (by Yaisog Bonegnasher)

Here’s anoth­er duet with Bob Dylan and Julia…

CSOVT(MS): Turmberg Karlsruhe (by Yaisog Bonegnasher)

When my old bud­dy (actu­al­ly I’m the old one, by a cou­ple of years) Cici Hoden­maier vis­it­ed us recent­ly in our new home in the south­west, I final­ly had the chance to shoot a cou­ple of frames for the now world-famous series Cici Sit­ting On Var­i­ous Things (Most­ly Stairs), or CSOVT(MS) for short.
On a not par­tic­u­lar­ly sun­ny Sun­day, I dragged him off our couch to go see the Turm­berg (tow­er hill) east of Karl­sruhe. The Turm­berg is home to a medieval cas­tle ruin, or what remains of it. Actu­al­ly, the tow­er in the back­ground is already all that remains of it. But, as not unusu­al with tow­ers, one can climb them to take ter­rif­ic panoram­ic shots. So expect some­thing new for my oth­er famous series, YOTOT(MC), soon. On a clear day, one can see most of the Rhine val­ley that sep­a­rates Ger­many from France in that region.
Good to have had Cici around for old times’ sake. Oh, the mem­o­ries.

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  • jsovt and csovt in einem bild, das wird ein klas­sik­er der fotografie-geschichte! schöne erin­nerun­gen an ein total entspan­ntes woch­enende mit euch bei­den kom­men zurück!

    jet­zt lastet der druck auf mir, auch endlich mal mit den bildern rauszukommen…habt noch etwas geduld.

    alles liebe, dr. cici

  • Yaisog Bonegnasher wrote:

    Hast du wenig­stens den Film schon entwick­eln lassen?

  • jaja…ein paar sind auch schon ges­can­nt.

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