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Here are some pic­tures from our recent week­end trip to Paris. We had a great time (although my legs still hurt two days after we were back from all the walk­ing around) and were very lucky with the weath­er. I can only rec­om­mend a trip there for any­one who has not seen it yet. You need more than a day and a half, though, too see it all…

Arc de Triomphe (panorama)

Arc de Tri­om­phe (panora­ma)

look­ing down Avenue des Champs-Élysées in the direc­tion of Palais du Lou­vre (cen­ter)…

Arc de Triomphe (panorama) v2

Arc de Tri­om­phe (panora­ma) v2

This is anoth­er ver­sion of the Arc de Tri­om­phe panora­ma, using the same set of pho­tos, in which the indi­vid­ual shots were stitched togeth­er dif­fer­ent­ly to give a more real­is­tic per­spec­tive.
I think I like this one bet­ter, but with this method the panora­mas can­not become too wide since the dis­tor­tions increase sig­nif­i­cant­ly the fur­ther one goes to the left and right. That is why the Tour Eif­fel is miss­ing in this one…

La Défense (panorama)

La Défense (panora­ma)

This is anoth­er one tak­en from the Arc de Tri­om­phe, this time look­ing in the oppo­site direc­tion, down the Avenue de la Grand Armée towards La Défense.

La Tour Eiffel

La Tour Eif­fel

inside La Tour Eiffel

inside La Tour Eif­fel

This was tak­en going up the stairs inside the south­ern “leg” of the tow­er, some­where below the low­est plat­form. At night, the whole tow­er is bathed in yel­low­ish sodi­um light, inside and out. The round things in the cen­ter of the pic­ture are the lamps, illu­mi­nat­ing upwards away from me.

JSOVT(MB): La Tour Eiffel

JSOVT(MB): La Tour Eif­fel

We didn’t have a JSOVT(MB) for quite a while I guess, even though Julia’s been sit­ting every­where. Heh. Well, here’s one that fits nice­ly into the Eif­fel Tow­er series that I got going here. It was actu­al­ly Julia’s idea to do this, it being her series and all.

Okay, so this was tak­en on the first plat­form of the Eif­fel tow­er. We took the stairs up to the sec­ond plat­form, from where you have to take the ele­va­tor to the very top. How­ev­er, after wait­ing in line for this ele­va­tor for about half an hour we were told that our tick­ets were only good for the stairs and thus the sec­ond plat­form, and we would have to buy “exten­sion tick­ets” to go all the way up. This would have meant get­ting in that line again after buy­ing the tick­ets and after a whole day’s walk­ing through Paris we were too tired at 11pm to do that. So I guess we have to come back to Paris one day to fin­ish the Eif­fel Tow­er…

Arc de Triomphe du Carrousel (panorama)

Arc de Tri­om­phe du Car­rousel (panora­ma)

There is noth­ing very amaz­ing about this panora­ma and the only rea­son that I post it is the amount of work that went into it. It’s the lit­tle broth­er of the Arc de Tri­om­phe that lives between the Lou­vre and the Tui­leries. When we were at the place, there were at least three times as many peo­ple there as you can see in this pic­ture. I shot the panora­ma with a lot of over­lap between pic­tures and was able to remove a lot of the folks in post, as they were mov­ing around. Lots of cut­ting, though, which took its time.

We didn’t vis­it the Lou­vre on this trip, since had we done so we wouldn’t have had time for much else, but it’s gonna hap­pen one day. It’s only a 3-hour train ride…

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