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the Fabry-Pérot resonator

Cal­cu­late the trans­mit­ted or reflect­ed inten­si­ty and phase for a Fab­ry-Pérot cav­i­ty. Both reflec­tiv­i­ties and res­onator loss­es are account­ed for. aver­age pho­ton life­time: round-trips res­onator finesse:

FM and PM Modulation Spectrum (interactive)

This lit­tle wid­get will cal­cu­late the spec­trum for var­i­ous mod­u­la­tion sig­nals with arbi­trary fre­quen­cy and ampli­tude and explain why it looks the way it does.

Bokeh calculator (interactive)

If you don’t want to do all the math in the the math of bokeh post your­self, you can just enter your data into this here lit­tle applet and get your results much quick­er.   bokeh (disk) size: 0mm rel­a­tive bokeh size: 0% (as frac­tion of sen­sor height)  

the math of bokeh

If you don’t know (yet) what bokeh is, check out the Wikipedia arti­cle. In short, bokeh is the blur (or qual­i­ty there­of) of out-of-focus regions in a pho­to­graph. This post is not about the per­ceived qual­i­ty of such blur, but rather of its size. For bokeh, more is usu­al­ly bet­ter, since it allows to sep­a­rate […]