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O’ahu, Hawai’i

Final stop: O’ahu. Waiki­ki is just a tourist trap, but for­tu­nate­ly O’ahu has more to offer than crowd­ed beach­es, shops and Asian food. Here’s proof:

Maui, Hawai’i

After a week on the Big Island, we head­ed over to Maui. Here are some panoram­ic high­lights…  

my favorite focal lengths

I have been mean­ing to some­thing like this for quite a while, plot­ting the dis­tri­b­u­tion of the focal lengths used in the pic­tures I shoot, to see which por­tions of the zoom range get the most action. Here is the graph for our recent vaca­tion on Hawai’i, obtained using the Light­room 4 beta and Jef­frey […]

Big Island, Hawai’i

I am still catch­ing up to get­ting some order into the pic­tures I took dur­ing our last vaca­tion on Hawai’i. And that was back in Sep­tem­ber! Any­way, here are some of the bet­ter panora­mas from our first stop, Big Island. Click through for the large ver­sion at flickr, with a short descrip­tion.

ECOC in Torino

This year’s ECOC con­fer­ence took place in Tori­no, Italy. Time to see a cou­ple folks that I hadn’t seen in a while, as well as a great city. Here are some images from var­i­ous explo­ration tours through Tori­no… This is the access ramp by which one can reach the roof of the Lin­got­to Cen­ter. Back […]

¡Viva México!

It’s been a while since we returned from Méx­i­co and I want­ed to post some of the pic­tures I took there much ear­li­er. But I’ve been busy and thus it took me quite a while to get them all on flickr (and also write a lit­tle some­thing about each of them). Now that they are […]

pictures from Paris

Here are some pic­tures from our recent week­end trip to Paris. We had a great time (although my legs still hurt two days after we were back from all the walk­ing around) and were very lucky with the weath­er. I can only rec­om­mend a trip there for any­one who has not seen it yet. You […]

YOTOT(MC) goes Hamburg

Let­ztens waren wir zu der Hochzeit ein­er Schul­fre­undin von Julia nach Ham­burg ein­ge­laden. Und wenn man schon mal quer durch Schla­hand fliegt, dann bleibt man auch gerne mal länger, um sich die Eck­en anzuschauen, die man noch nicht ken­nt. Nun­ja, zumin­d­est ein­er von uns bei­den. Und da das gute Wet­ter dieses Jahr schein­bar nördlich der […]

Bob Dylan zu Besuch

Hier sind ein paar Bilder vom Woch­enende, an dem uns Cici Hoden­maier, a.k.a. Bob Dylan besucht hat… Two for the price of one and a world pre­miere: JSOVT(MB) and CSOVT(MS) in a sin­gle shot. When Bob Dylan vis­it­ed us recent­ly here in Karl­sruhe, I final­ly had the chance to com­bine the two “sit­ting on” series, […]

Pictures from Pisa

Damals im Feb­ru­ar war’s, glaube ich. Da durfte ich für zwei Tage nach Pisa zu einem Meet­ing über eins der ver­schiede­nen Pro­jek­te, die bei uns an der Uni so laufen. Gast­ge­ber war die Scuo­la Supe­ri­ore Sant’Anna, der Lehrstuhl von Enri­co Forestieri, dem Meis­ter der Fehler­wahrschein­lichkeit­en in der Optik. Vom Forestieri hab’ ich zwar nix gese­hen, […]