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Impressionen von Strasbourg

Hier ein paar Bilder von einem Woch­enen­daus­flug nach Stras­bourg… One of the orna­ments out­side the entrance to the Cathe­dral of Stras­bourg, France. We went there for a day trip recent­ly, and I have to admit it’s a nice place. Unfor­tu­nate­ly, every­one there seems to speak the wrong lan­guage (unless you go into any shop where […]

Southwestern USA panoramas

I spent pret­ty much every spare minute of the last 8 days fin­ish­ing a pho­to book of our 2008 trip through the south­west­ern Unit­ed States. That includ­ed choos­ing the pho­tos, some adjust­ments, pano-stitch­ing where nec­es­sary, and lay­out of the book. Dur­ing that work I noticed that I haven’t post­ed many panora­mas from that trip (or […]

Vienniese subways

This is what the sub­way in Vien­na looks like around 5:30 (am) on a Sun­day. When Joe and I had walked around town the after­noon before, every­thing was ter­ri­bly crowd­ed and you couldn’t real­ly enjoy (or pho­to­graph) a lot of the things that make Vien­na great. Joe had arrived by night train in Vien­na the […]

Austria Center Vienna

This was the venue for this year’s ECOC con­fer­ence and the place I spent most of my time in the week in Vien­na. It’s quite huge and mod­ern, but some­how the orga­niz­ers (again) man­aged to put the most inter­est­ing (and most attend­ed) ses­sions into the small­est rooms. At least in Berlin they had a live […]


This is the Karl­skirche (Church of St. Charles Bor­romeo) in Vien­na. I found it dur­ing a short trip into the town after the ses­sions at the con­fer­ence were fin­ished for that day. I kin­da ran into it by acci­dent, bare­ly see­ing the tops of the tow­ers as I crossed the Karl­splatz on my way to […]

Kunsthistorisches Museum Vienna (panorama)

The Kun­sthis­torisches Muse­um is one of the two very impres­sive muse­um build­ings oppos­ing each oth­er on the Maria-There­sien-Platz in Vien­na. When I first got into the hotel in Vien­na on the Sat­ur­day after­noon before the con­fer­ence began, (Zappel-)Joe was already wait­ing for me – he had tak­en the night train an had been hang­ing around […]

yet more wedding pictures

Here is the final batch of shots from the wed­ding of Mir­jam and Jochen… No, it’s not what it (prob­a­bly) looks like - Julia’s mere­ly count­ing the lay­ers of the wed­ding dress… =) If I remem­ber cor­rect­ly, there were sev­en of them. I’m not catholic, so I wouldn’t know the dress code for the acolytes […]

small guests - large guests / group shot

The small­est guest at the wed­ding. Her job seems to have been main­ly to look cute and to pose for pic­tures. A good chunk of the time she was either push­ing her doll in a stroller or being whirled around in cir­cles by her dad – that is until he got dizzy. The guy in […]

Schloss Sulzheim / cutting the cake

This is the back­side of Cas­tle Sulzheim, the loca­tion of the wed­ding fes­tiv­i­ties. But only a small part of the cer­e­mo­ny was actu­al­ly inside the cas­tle, since they are still ren­o­vat­ing the place. Except for the recep­tion and a tour, the fes­tiv­i­ties took most­ly place inside and out­side of what they called the Knight’s Hall. […]

balloon bride

Wow, it’s been a while since I last post­ed some­thing to flickr. But I’ve been real­ly busy late­ly: fin­ish­ing the first draft of my dis­ser­ta­tion, prepar­ing to move 600km across the coun­try to a place where the local dialect is sort of dif­fi­cult to under­stand, and also find­ing a new job. But just because I […]