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Adventures in JavaScript: Number Bases

Here’s just a quick little JavaScript that will convert numbers between different bases. It grew out of the idea that numbers in a system based on π would be much more useful in engineering that the regular old ones. Well, just because one can do it doesn’t mean it’s a good idea, but it was […]

the Gaussian beam (interactive)

The Gaussian beam “is a convenient, widespread model in laser optics.” [1] It is indeed convenient that such a mathematically relatively simple model can describe the evolution of laser light in free space so well. Given the wavelength of the laser, it can be described by a single parameter. This can be either the beam […]

The Coupon (Sticker) Collector

Supermarket chain Edeka currently runs this sticker collecting racket – which used to be smurf collecting – where you get four stickers with animal pictures for every €10 spent. The kids are collecting like crazy, I am told, even though the pictures are mediocre at best. Anyway, as geeks we don’t care much about the […]

Series Expansions

Something I made back in July. Since then it shows up at the bottom of these here pages in the menu ribbon, but I never wrote a proper post about it. I guess it deserves a little more publicity since I do use it quite regularly. So here is my original description for the cheat […]