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MATLAB anonymous functions

MATLAB is a pro­gram­ming envi­ron­ment I’ve been using for maybe eight or nine years. For most of this time I made use of anony­mous func­tions, but I have to admit with­out real­ly know­ing what I was doing. I just copy-paste-mod­­i­­fied the exam­ples in the fze­ro and quad doc­u­men­ta­tion and hoped they would some­how work. Which, […]

simulating ROSNR

As a (late) Christ­mas present I thought I’d share my method of deter­min­ing the required OSNR (ROSNR) val­ue for a trans­mis­sion sys­tem in sim­u­la­tions by means of the Monte Car­lo method. Recent­ly, I do pre­fer the error vec­tor mag­ni­tude (EVM) as a fig­ure of mer­it, but not a lot of peo­ple share this view. Many […]

the MATLAB diaries

I do a lot of tin­ker­ing in MATLAB. And some­times I’ll have to do a sim­i­lar sort of task again, after a few weeks or months – like maybe when new data wants to be visu­al­ized in the man­ner of old data. Now MATLAB has a built-in his­to­ry, a buffer of the last 20 kBytes of […]