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Signal Statistics for Nyquist WDM / OTDM

A while back I posted an article on Signal Statistics for OFDM. Originally, this would have included OTDM also, but it grew too long. So it was split into two parts. This is the second part. Please read the original article first, as it explains much of the terminology and the present article by itself […]

the Epic Fail of Nyquist WDM

More or less the final act of my career as an academic researcher, I put the ideas of the post the Art of Nyquist WDM into a submission to Photonics Technology Letters – with a few extra simulations and figures that I thought showed the advantages and drawbacks of the concept quite well. Alas, I […]

the Art of Nyquist WDM

Nyquist WDM is a (in my opinion) quite promising method to generate future “superchannels” with bit rates beyond 500 Gbps by concatenating multiple channels very close to each other spectrally after filtering each of them very, very tightly with a filter that approximates a rectangular transfer function [1]. Even Chang Liu pointed out (twice) at […]