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Windows of Opportunity – ENBW

When you search online for ENBW you’ll like­ly find a list of sites relat­ed to EnBW AG, a Ger­man ener­gy giant (which, on a total­ly unre­lat­ed note, we were a cus­tomer of until recent­ly). While ener­gy is quite rel­e­vant in the con­text of this post, EnBW has noth­ing to do with it. This post is […]

Windows of Opportunity

Some­times sig­nals can be stub­born­ly non-per­i­od­ic. This can make dig­i­tal sig­nal pro­cess­ing so much more annoy­ing. The sup­pos­ed­ly sim­ple act of plot­ting the spec­trum ends up being a game of tri­al-and-error, or requires mak­ing a deci­sion that involves pri­or knowl­edge of what one would actu­al­ly like to know in the first place. We’ll have a […]

simulating ROSNR

As a (late) Christ­mas present I thought I’d share my method of deter­min­ing the required OSNR (ROSNR) val­ue for a trans­mis­sion sys­tem in sim­u­la­tions by means of the Monte Car­lo method. Recent­ly, I do pre­fer the error vec­tor mag­ni­tude (EVM) as a fig­ure of mer­it, but not a lot of peo­ple share this view. Many […]

DFT Cheat Sheet

Since I have so much to do with the dis­crete Fouri­er trans­form (DFT) – both recent­ly and not so recent­ly – I always want­ed to make a sort of “cheat sheet” about it with the most impor­tant rela­tions of the var­i­ous time and fre­quen­cy dimen­sions and some of the more impor­tant trans­form pairs all on […]