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TiddlyWiki – EditSectionPlugin Keyboard Shortcuts

Like so many of his plu­g­ins, Eric Shulman’s Edit­Sec­tion­Plu­g­in for Tid­dly­Wi­ki is quite awe­some. Espe­cial­ly in long tid­dlers it can save you a lot of scrolling and search­ing. One thing I was miss­ing, though, were the key­board short­cuts ESC to can­cel edit­ing and CTRL+ENTER to fin­ish edit­ing, like the ones you have when edit­ing the […]

TiddlyWiki – incoming Links

There are sit­u­a­tions when you need to have a list of all the tid­dlers that link to some oth­er tid­dlers in your Tid­dly­Wi­ki, e.g. when renam­ing that oth­er tid­dler and hav­ing to update all the ref­er­ences to it. Some plu­g­ins out there give such lists,…