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Ampersand of the Week 42/2011

Pret­ty spa­cy amper­sand this week, from Cam­bal­ache, an equal­ly spa­cy font.

Ampersand of the Week 35/2011

This week’s amper­sand hails from the just-a-lit­­tle-bit-crazy cor­ner of typog­ra­phy, but that just makes it awe­some. Here it is, Bato­ry Mid­dle:

Ampersand of the Day

Today’s (or this week’s) amper­sand is from Rooney Pro by Jan Fromm, a very nice-look­ing serif fam­i­ly that will set you back a mere $546 if you want them all. Unfor­tu­nate­ly, it does not con­tain Greek let­ters, so it can­not real­ly be used for sci­en­tif­ic work requir­ing math­e­mat­ics…

Ampersand of the Day

Hot on the heels of Celtic comes the ele­gant amper­sand of Encoder Medi­um. Also check out the mas­sive Encoder Fat.

Ampersand of the Day

Today’s amper­sand is brought to you by RM Celtic. It’s a fusion of the let­ters “E” and “T” from that font.

Best Fonts of 2010

At the end of each year (or there­about), all sorts of best-of lists pop up every­where. Many of them remind me of elder­ber­ries (i.e. they stink). Not so the best fonts list, of course. Here is a col­lec­tion of var­i­ous Best Fonts of 2010 lists, which I’ll try to keep updat­ed as more lists are […]

Ampersand of the Day

The rea­son for the choice of today’s amper­sand is not nec­es­sar­i­ly aes­thet­i­cal­ly dri­ven, but more of a tech­ni­cal nature. It’s the amper­sand from Droid, the new text font around here. With web fonts becom­ing more com­mon and font host­ing ser­vices becom­ing more numer­ous, site own­ers are no longer required to use the bor­ing fonts on […]

Ampersand of the Day

Look­ing at the glyphs in Cal­ib­ri Reg­u­lar the oth­er day, I found this alter­na­tive amper­sand: It’s fun­ny to find this in a Microsoft font, since there is no inher­ent method in any Microsoft pro­gram to access alter­na­tive glyphs. Looks a bit like the Wind­sor amper­sand, but not as good.

Ampersand of the Day

Als ich neulich The Inven­tion of Lying sah, ist mir dieses schicke Amper­sand im Abspann aufge­fall­en: Die Schrift heißt Wind­sor Light Con­densed, und wird auch gerne von Woody Allen benutzt, wie man hört.


Ich unter­breche die Law­ine von Book­­marks-Posts ja nur ungern, aber das hier kön­nte es wert sein. Nach wochen­langem Basteln sind näm­lich endlich alle Änderungswün­sche vom Betreuer mein­er Dis­ser­ta­tion, zusam­men mit meinen eige­nen Änderun­gen, eingear­beit­et und ich habe mal eine erste Kopie der gedruck­ten Ver­sion bestellt – um die Arbeit einzure­ichen, brauche ich später vier davon. […]