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Ampersand of the Week 42/2011

Pretty spacy ampersand this week, from Cambalache, an equally spacy font.

Ampersand of the Week 35/2011

This week’s ampersand hails from the just-a-little-bit-crazy corner of typography, but that just makes it awesome. Here it is, Batory Middle:

Ampersand of the Day

Today’s (or this week’s) ampersand is from Rooney Pro by Jan Fromm, a very nice-looking serif family that will set you back a mere $546 if you want them all. Unfortunately, it does not contain Greek letters, so it cannot really be used for scientific work requiring mathematics…

Ampersand of the Day

Hot on the heels of Celtic comes the elegant ampersand of Encoder Medium. Also check out the massive Encoder Fat.

Ampersand of the Day

Today’s ampersand is brought to you by RM Celtic. It’s a fusion of the letters “E” and “T” from that font.

Best Fonts of 2010

At the end of each year (or thereabout), all sorts of best-of lists pop up everywhere. Many of them remind me of elderberries (i.e. they stink). Not so the best fonts list, of course. Here is a collection of various Best Fonts of 2010 lists, which I’ll try to keep updated as more lists are […]

Ampersand of the Day

The reason for the choice of today’s ampersand is not necessarily aesthetically driven, but more of a technical nature. It’s the ampersand from Droid, the new text font around here. With web fonts becoming more common and font hosting services becoming more numerous, site owners are no longer required to use the boring fonts on […]

Ampersand of the Day

Looking at the glyphs in Calibri Regular the other day, I found this alternative ampersand: It’s funny to find this in a Microsoft font, since there is no inherent method in any Microsoft program to access alternative glyphs. Looks a bit like the Windsor ampersand, but not as good.

Ampersand of the Day

Als ich neulich The Invention of Lying sah, ist mir dieses schicke Ampersand im Abspann aufgefallen: Die Schrift heißt Windsor Light Condensed, und wird auch gerne von Woody Allen benutzt, wie man hört.


Ich unterbreche die Lawine von Bookmarks-Posts ja nur ungern, aber das hier könnte es wert sein. Nach wochenlangem Basteln sind nämlich endlich alle Änderungswünsche vom Betreuer meiner Dissertation, zusammen mit meinen eigenen Änderungen, eingearbeitet und ich habe mal eine erste Kopie der gedruckten Version bestellt – um die Arbeit einzureichen, brauche ich später vier davon. […]