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Grand Unified Theory

Bridg­ing the worlds of OFDM (on which I spent the last year) and XPolM (on which I spent the three years before that), I thought it might be inter­est­ing to see what an OFDM chan­nel does to an XPolM probe. This is an exten­sion of all the stuff that was writ­ten in this post, in […]

XPolM Covariance Visualized

In this post we’ll take a clos­er look at the mys­te­ri­ous covari­ance func­tion which can describe the accu­mu­la­tion of inter-chan­nel fiber non­lin­ear­i­ties quite well. We’ll also illus­trate how the dis­per­sion map of a fiber link influ­ences fiber non­lin­ear­i­ty impact via this func­tion. Covari­ance Recap The par­tic­u­lar inter-chan­nel non­lin­ear­i­ty that we will talk about is cross-polar­iza­­­tion […]

catching up on XPolM

Well, it’s been a few months since the OFC this year, but I had so many ideas on OFDM that I want­ed to get online that I kin­da com­plete­ly missed the new papers on cross-polar­iza­­­tion mod­u­la­tion that came out this year. A very inter­est­ing read (I wasn’t at OFC myself) was Non­lin­ear Polar­iza­tion Effects and […]

Cross-Channel Fiber Nonlinearities

In a recent dis­cus­sion with Cur­tis Menyuk, Alex­ei Pilipet­skii, and Chongjin Xie I was made aware of a slight­ly inex­act state­ment in the JLT pub­lished last year in which I was a co-author. It con­cerned the sep­a­ra­tion of XPM and XPolM in the non­lin­ear phase evo­lu­tion equa­tion. Since we were writ­ing about XPolM at the […]