Summer Topicals 2010

Cross-Polar­iza­tion Mod­u­la­tion in Polar­iza­tion-Mul­ti­plexed Sys­tems

IEEE Sum­mer Top­i­cals 2010, Playa del Car­men, Mex­i­co

Abstract: We intro­duce the con­cept of sto­chas­tic degrees of free­dom to semi-ana­lyt­i­cal­ly approx­i­mate the dis­tri­b­u­tion of non­lin­ear degree of polar­iza­tion reduc­tion val­ues observed in numer­i­cal sim­u­la­tions as result of cross-polar­iza­tion mod­u­la­tion.


M. Win­ter, D. Kroushkov, K. Peter­mann, “Cross-Polar­iza­tion Mod­u­la­tion in Polar­iza­tion-Mul­ti­plexed Sys­tems,” IEEE Sum­mer Top­i­cals, Playa del Car­men, Mex­i­co, invit­ed paper MA2.1, 19-21 Jul. 2010


Down­load the con­fer­ence paper.

Down­load the pre­sen­ta­tion slides.

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