Adventures in JavaScript: Route Elevation

This script will cal­cu­late an adjustable route between two places, plot the cor­re­spond­ing height and incli­na­tion pro­files and give some detailed climb height infor­ma­tion. Read on below for some back­ground.

To use the script, enter the ori­gin and des­ti­na­tion loca­tions, and select if you want to walk/bike or dri­ve. You can adjust the cal­cu­lat­ed route by drag­ging the blue line, just like in Google Maps. Final­ly, you can move the map mark­er along the path to change the posi­tion of the high­light in the elevation/inclination plots in order to local­ize inter­est­ing height fea­tures.

See this post for more details.


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